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EVC Systems

An Emergency Voice Communication System (EVCS) is a specialized communication system designed specifically for use in emergency situations.

EVCX systems are designed to automatically activate in the event of an emergency, providing clear and reliable communication to building occupants and first responders.

evc system


The system typically consists of: 

  • A central control panel
  • Microphones and speakers located at various points throughout the building
  • Battery back-up, redundant amplifiers and some level of single point failures


A means of two-way voice communication between a central control room or a Fire Command Centre and designated areas within a building or facility.

The goal of EVC Systems is to ensure that everyone in a building or facility is able to communicate quickly and effectively in the event of an emergency, helping to ensure a safe and orderly evacuation or other appropriate response.

Important component of a comprehensive fire safety and life safety system and can be integrated with other systems, such as fire alarms, public address systems, and mass notification systems, to provide a more complete solution.