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A+B PAGA System

An A+B PAGA system is a type of communication system used in ships, offshore platforms, and other similar facilities. 

This system is designed to provide a highly reliable means of communication in an emergency situation by having a fully duplicated system. 

A+B PAGA Systems for offshore platforms

The above system uses DNH explosion proof speakers

Features of an A+B PAGA System

The system typically consists of: 

  • Two processor units
  • Separate equipment and components for the two communication paths. Eg: Speakers, Amplifies, Alarms


The "A" system and the "B" system are both operational under normal circumstances. Each area in the vessel or plant need to be served from speakers connected to both "A" and "B" systems. 

If the primary "A" system fails, the "B" system will provide acoustic coverage, ensuring that important information and instructions can still be communicated to all personnel. This helps to ensure that everyone is aware of the situation and can respond appropriately in an emergency.

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