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Duplicated PAGA System

A Duplicated PAGA system is a type of communication system used in ships, offshore platforms, and other similar facilities. 

As the name suggests, it is a redundant or backup system that provides a secondary means of communication in the event of failure of the primary processor in the system.

Duplicated Control System

The above system uses DNH explosion proof speakers


This system typically consists of: 

  • Two processors (with the secondary one wired to take over in case of a failure of the primary)
  • Multiple amplifiers, microphones, speakers, and alarm devices (provided with redundancy in a N+1 configuration)


Used to make announcements, sound alarms, and provide other types of audible or visual signals. 

The purpose of having this system is to ensure that important information and instructions can be communicated to all personnel, even in the event of failure of the primary processor of the PAGA system. This helps to ensure that everyone is aware of the situation and can respond appropriately in an emergency.


The benefits of installing a duplicated PAGA system include improved redundancy ,enhances safety, improved reliability, and flexibility and scalability. By investing in duplicated PAGA systems, organizations can prioritize the safety of their workforce and improve overall operational efficiency in harsh environments.  

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