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Page Party Systems

Page Party Systems are a type of distributed intercom system that allows users to make announcements or hold conversations with others in different parts of a building or complex. 

The term "Page/Party" refers to the two main functions of the system: Paging, which allows users to make announcements over the speakers, and Party Line, which allows users to have two-way conversations between stations. 

Page Party PAGA System by Vivo Asia

The above system uses DNH explosion proof speakers


The system typically consists of: 

  • Multiple stations that are located throughout the building or complex for paging and party line communications.
  • A central control unit - allows the system to initiate alarms and other central functions 


This system is commonly used in large facilities where clear and effective communication is important.

Digital versions of this system allow users to have one to one or one to many private conversations which does not allow others to join. In some versions of this system, party line conversations are not private.

As they are distributed systems a Page/ Party system is highly resilient against single point failures.

Get the Right Team

Team Vivo Asia is well-versed in the design and installation of a page party system for industries that operate in harsh and hazardous environments. Our team of engineers and technicians can ensure a smooth project delivery process with highly reliable systems.