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Sound Coverage Study

Sound coverage studies are a crucial aspect of any audio system design. It involves analyzing the sound distribution within a specific area, such as a room, stadium, assembly line or even aboard a ship.

By conducting a thorough sound coverage study, engineers can determine the ideal placement of speakers and other audio equipment to ensure even sound distribution and optimal listening experience.

Case Study: Sound Coverage Study for a FPSO Vessel 

The above images are from a sound coverage study conducted for a client in the FPSO industry. Sound coverage studies for ships are essential to ensure effective communication and warning systems. Ships operate in challenging environments where factors such as noise, vibration, and harsh weather conditions can affect sound quality and coverage.

A sound coverage study for ships involves analyzing the acoustic characteristics of the vessel and designing a system that provides clear and reliable communication throughout the ship. The study includes determining the appropriate placement and type of speakers, amplifiers, and other equipment, as well as conducting tests to ensure the system meets the required standards. With a well-designed sound coverage system, crew members can communicate effectively, and the ship can operate safely and efficiently.

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Our team of expert engineers has extensive knowledge and experience in conducting sound coverage studies, especially for industries that operate in harsh and hazardous environments. Using cutting edge simulations, our accurate coverage studies provide cost effective and reliable systems for our clients.