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PAGA Systems

Single PAGA Systems are the most basic form of Public Address and General Alarm Systems available for industrial and commercial use. This system refers to a single, centralized system for issuing announcements and alarms.  

The PAGA system is ensures the safety and efficiency of operations in many industries such as the oil and gas, marine and factory industries.


The system typically consists of: 

  • Single processor unit
  • Multiple amplifiers, microphones, speakers, and alarm devices


A Public Address and General Alarm system is a communication system used in ships, offshore platforms, and other similar facilities to alert personnel and provide them with important information in an emergency situation.

The purpose of a PAGA system is to quickly and effectively communicate information and instructions to all personnel, ensuring that everyone is aware of the situation and can respond appropriately.

Why Choose Team Vivo Asia? 

Team Vivo Asia has over 10 years of experience in the design, installation, integration and maintenance of PAGA systems for industries that operate in harsh and hazardous environments.

We have successfully designed and installed PAGA systems for various clients from the oil and gas industry, and are familiar with industry regulations and procedures.

Additionally, we are capable of conducting sound coverage studies and 3D reviews to ensure the optimal functionality of any system we design.  Contact us today to discuss your requirements!